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Stabilis Lucra Review: A Forex Robot That Produces Stable Profits?

Stabilis Lucra
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We all want to gain a reasonable profit from our investment. To satisfy that reason, we invest our hard earned money in securities, options, Forex market, and others investments assets. Those of us who have invested in Forex market, usually are struggling to select the best trade for making a profit.

For this purpose, we take help of experts to profit from the Forex market. Unfortunately, the market was filled with so many fraudsters that we struggle to recognize the helpful program. I agree there are many scams in the market but there are some useful programs as well.

forex profit Stabilis lucra

Among the products and services offered by different Forex experts signal trading, books, and Forex robots are mentionable. It is found that some of these products really helped many people to earn a substantial profit. In this review, I going to show an analysis of such a useful product named Stabilis Lucra.

You may find many confusing reviews regarding this highly profitable Forex robot, but believe me, most of those reviews were baseless. In this review, I will show you an in-depth analysis on Stabilis Lucra, and then you decide if it is a good product or not.

Stabilis Lucra: The Fourth Time Award Winning Forex Robot 

This is a Forex Robot that is helping thousands of Forex trader to earn a handsome profit. The software is programmed to generate a steady profit from the Forex market. The person behind the whole idea of creating such a program is Mr. Jukl.

Mr. Jukl is claiming himself as an expert trader in the Forex market. He also has been earning profit from the Forex market consistently for more than a decade. Not only has that he provided consultancy services to the investors in the Forex market.

The author has earned a number of profits from the international investment community. He seems to earn three profits alone from the Chinese Forex Expo 2016. The man also earned an award from the best Expert Adviser Performance 2017.

Forex Robot Stabilis Lucra

He has designed the product to help thousands of online traders of Forex market to make a stable profit. We need to focus here, he is talking about a stable profit, not 1000pips or unimaginable profits. Also, the benefits offered by the product seems to be quite achievable, which we will review.

The official website of the Robot is claiming that the product has earned the award as the best Forex Robot. It also claims to make the most money on big capital in the years 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Another most important feature that must be noticeable is, SL is not just an internet-based program. The buyer of this product receives delivery of the DVDs, cheat sheets, and user’s manual. It is found that only a few amount of package will be delivered to the buyers; in other words, not everyone is going to be lucky enough to buy it.

benefits Stabilis Lucra

Benefits of Stabilis Lucra (SL)

Before getting into the in-depth analysis, it is absolutely significant to know the services of the product for its customers. If you don’t know the benefits that the program is offering to its customers, then it would be insane to have an idea about it.

The product seems to make a good number of promises to its buyer; all those promises have been explained in this section of the analysis.

Personalized support

You will receive a personalized support from David Jkul through the access to the personalized membership area. There are many proofs that claim these personal supports were absolutely beneficial.

No program would have offered such an opportunity if it were aiming to deceive its subscribers. Apart none of the reviews on the internet talks negatively about this unique service of the program.

Stabilis Lucra view

Mentoring Support

A team of dedicated traders who are the team members of the expert consultant will always help you. The team offers suggestions on buying, offers valuable insights about the Forex market. Particularly, the mentoring sessions with the expert are something invaluable. You will learn so much about trading on the Forex market.

Such types of support are hardly available in the market. You may receive online 24/7 support but no mentoring support that help you to become a pro trader.

Real-Time Discussion Forum

The product offers a real-time discussion forum. In the forum, you will be able to discuss different trading related issues with your fellow traders. Also, the expert team of David will be updating information on their valuable analysis.

Most of the program doesn’t let you interact with others buyer of the product. However, it is available for you if you buy SL. Now, would a fraudster would let you chat with others buyers? I hope you know the answer.

Live Trade Update of The Expert

The main offer of the product is to help us earning money. We all want to know how it is helping us making money in the Forex market. The product has quite a simple answer to our query!

It provides us access to the screen of the award-winning expert trader; in that screen, you will see what trades are profitable to David and what trades are not. You will have the options to follow him and make money.

Trading expert of Forex

To my knowledge, I haven’t seen such a bold offer is being made to the customer of a Forex Robot. I guess, probably this is the reason for which I couldn’t find a feedback of any dissatisfied customer. Yes, I could find some appraisal articles that are claiming the product is a scam! But later I found those writers have a little or no credibility to the readers.

Convenience of Use

The product is offering so many options for you to earn a profit. It sends your personal emails that explains your trading behavior. It also sends you tips for using the system efficiently so that you don’t miss any profitable trade.

This appreciable customer service is really helpful. It helps to build the confidence of the traders and showing them how profit-making trades look like.

David Jkul

Unique Attributes of the System

Now that, we all know the services of the system and probable outcomes of it. Let’s analyze its attributes that could tell us if it is a scam or a genuine service that make profits. We will examine a number of factors to decide the authenticity of the product.

1. 10 indicators

There are 10 different signal indicators working simultaneously to identify a profitable trade. On the other hand, you will find most of the Robots have one or two indicators. Thereupon, it proves the superiority of the product.

Besides that, 10 people are better than 2 as ten can bring more profit than 2; so then Stabilis Lucra can bring more profit than others. Moreover, these indicators are too much technical and hardly miss a profit opportunity.

Growth of profit from Forex

2. Customizable

The program is totally customizable to your need. In other words, you will get the Robot as you want it. To further illustrate this issue, let’s assume you only like to trade with USD/EUR, EUR/GBP, and GBP/USD. The program will show you only the trades that are related to these pairs of currency.

A scam would never look out for your convenience, rather it would have offered a standard product. Just imagine, you want to con your customers; would you have taken this much hassle to make their product experience customized? When your product is a scam, which doesn’t do its job.

I hope your answer will be a straight “No”. Logically that should be the finding, is it not? Hence, it is proved that the program generates profit as it says.

Facebook Snaps Stabilis Lucra

3. Expandable

It offers options for you to expand your services as you grow. You will need expanded services from the Robot only if you earn a huge sum of money.

Now if the program is a scam then it will not bring profit to you! And the product seller also knows about it. So then, it seems absolutely absurd to offer an option to expand your services unless it really helps you grow your investments.

Facts on the Product

  • The services of Jkul is very popular and it was found he served 7000 people before
  • None of these 7000 receivers of his services complaint about his mentoring
  • He created a profitable team and who are efficient followers of the man
  • David is real, the intro video on the site shows it; whereas many Robots seller don’t even reveal their picture
  • The product has got 5K plus like on its Facebook page with an excellent rating
  • David has got 25K Facebook followers
  • David is not faking about the awards he received all those pictures are clearly explaining
  • Customers are making profit with the product of David
  • There are no significant product evaluation available that proves the product is a scam
  • The article that says it’s a scam didn’t even explain its offers as they didn’t know
  • The profit of Stabilis Lucra is certainly stable in the long run

Review Stabilis Lucra


To sum up this evaluation, I would like to conclude saying, “Stabilis Lucra” is definitely a program you should buy. It has provided enough proof that it delivers what it promises. Many of its buyers have already earned a handsome amount of profit from the forex market. All the feedbacks, proofs, Facebook likes are clearly stating it’s a genuine product. Therefore, it is recommended for the users to use the program for earning from Forex market.

Click this link to get started using this powerful forex robot Stabilis Lucra, and making consistent profits in the forex markets!


• The product is good for earning profit from Forex market
• David Jkul is a credible and award winning Forex expert
• The Robot uses 10 indicators which is absolutely profitable
• Customizable and Expandable Support
• Recommended to buy the Robot service
• It generates stable profits from Forex market


• The subscription price is bit high, but it’s a premium service

Summary: Stabilis Lucra is the best available Forex Robot in the market and it does help making profit. All the scam reviews are written by low rated writers.

RatingRated 4 stars

Rated 4 stars
4 / 5 (1 )


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on 2018-02-12 20:07:28

I do not think that there is a sober forex trader who would not take this product. Unless you do not understand what it is and how much it can do. I have seen the benefits of this system firsthand. Easy trading with enough indicators. Very easy to use and affordable.


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