Night Owl Signals Review: What Is Binary Trading And How To Win It

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Trading online can be very scary for many of us, especially if we are beginners or this is not our element.

Some people grow up knowing about trading, how to reading indicators, timing, etc. But, for most people, these are foreign terms that need to be learned later in life.

When I decided to start trading, I decided to just get to it, without much research, knowing that, if I didn’t do it like that, it would take me forever to make the decision and feel completely ready.

I opened an account in a trading website, read a little on how to use it, and just got to it.

As you can imagine, it was a disaster, but I was already there. My next step would be to get even more information and improve.

Looking for info

I am a firm believer in the phrase “There is always someone better than you”, and I guide my life with it. If there are things that I don’t know, or don’t want to do, then I know that there is someone out there that can actually do it, and provide a great result.

I started reading, getting informed, joining discussion forums, etc. The first challenge was learning how to read indicators and timing, this was too much research and I would get paralyzed when the time to make a decision came.

Then, many people mentioned some software that actually does most of the research for you and just lets you know when will be a good moment to trade and you just click yes and no, and do the transaction.

Nailing it alone


My research included

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Blogs
  • Free trial periods of software
  • Discussion board

When I felt I was ready enough, I armed myself with software and decided I would rely on them.

They always gave useful information, and, for the most part, profits were constantly made, but there was something that was missing. People were doing so much money, and I wasn’t. So I started looking deeper.

Trading rooms


When I first learned about trading rooms, I wasn’t really sure about the concepts: Basically, seeing someone else invest. I didn’t understand the point, and it seem a little voyeuristic.

But, while doing research, many people mentioned them as good ways to learn how to trade, and improve your decision-making processes.

It seemed interesting and so I joined one.

It was very exciting at the beginning; a woman was teaching people how to:

  • Make transactions
  • Read indicators
  • React on time
  • Pay attention to the right stocks

And I actually walked away with a lot from that first session. Still something was missing.

The importance of trade rooms

First thing is: You get to witness real time trading. Now, if the host of the room knows what he/she is doing, you will also get an explanation on how and why they decided to make X or Y transaction, or why they didn’t.

In trading, there are many rules and structures that people say they follow by heart, but when you see an expert trader do it live, you see that many things actually get out of the box.

Because of this, I was able to gain better perspective on how to trade, I could connect dots that, otherwise, I would have taken years to notice, and I knew about stock options that I certainly didn’t know about.

All of this, of course, reflects on you making better, more profitable decisions. Once you have this, you are on a good road.

Something was missing

I tried two more trading rooms, but I felt them a little

  • Cold
  • Distant
  • Not easy to follow
  • Technical
  • Host focused

The lack of interaction between the viewers and the traders was a huge turn off for me, or when there as interaction it was quite squared and technical. I felt more like in a lecture rather than a trading room.

Also, very important, the 3 rooms where I was, were not so transparent with their transactions. Especially when they lost some money, they wouldn’t really explain in depth, or share with us how we can fully avoid those mistakes.

I remember that, in one session, the guy almost denied, live, that he had lost money, right in front of our eyes. It was crazy. I wanted to know why things were going well, or bad, and how to create better circumstances for myself, and my money.

Night Owl Signals

This amazing trading room was something that was in my list to try, but I was still dealing with other trading rooms.

I bought the subscription, knowing they had a money back policy, and decided to give it a try.

The guys at Night Owl Signals run 2 sessions, one in America and one in Asia, so you can decide which one to join.

It is based on binary trading, so you have proven pairs that actually produce profits.

The whole interface and trading system is extremely easy, and the information provided was great.

Because I liked how accessible and fun these guys were, I stuck around, only to keep on being positively surprised every session.

What do I like more?

After college, I moved to Asia to teach English. I was getting well paid and there is where I started to look into investing (Yes, English teachers in Asia earn quite well).

The fact that Night Owl Signals runs a session on Asian markets was such a relief. Not because I couldn’t find other trade rooms, but because these guys insights are pretty valuable, and if you have any questions you can ask, and get answered in real time.

Most of the things I’ve seen there, I have applied to my trading life, and the advice has been extremely useful and profitable.



Being able to ask questions and get answers live, gives everyone attending the session a huge advantage. Where people ask questions that I hadn’t even thought of, and they get the answers there, and so the learning is continuous.

The users are quite active, this gave me confidence to also get into the dynamic and start asking myself. All the answers are well explained and there is no topic unaddressed.

Since the sessions run 6 days a week, it’s basically a daily session to improve, to learn new things, and address the problems you might have had, in you private trading, with the experts in the platform.

Also, important for me, is the fact that people are actually nice, so it creates a great environment to improve your game.


  • Friendly people
  • Experts
  • Low prices
  • Constant analysis
  • Constant comments
  • Gain confidence
  • Independence

There is so quiet moment in Night Owl Signals sessions. Everything is discussed and explained in detail. There are no hidden movements or plain denial when it gets to loses. You are there to learn the ups and downs, and that’s exactly what this delivers.

I really appreciate the analysis. These guys have such interesting insights, and the way they connect seemingly unrelated things, but then they make perfect sense, it’s priceless indeed to such important idea sets that give you great tools to take better decisions.

Because of this, I started gaining more confidence and started investing more. At the beginning, I was extremely conservative. To exaggerate, it could have made more money leaving my savings in the bank. I was terrible.

Even though I had made my research, this didn’t really give me much confidence, I was just able to identify elements and know what they meant, but nothing else.

The true confidence came when I saw people doing it, then, the knowledge I had acquired was indeed used in real scenarios, and I knew how to react, what to look out for, it was incredible.

Although, now that I think of it, you know how some coaches take their players through visualization exercises before the game? Almost like rehearsing in their mind. Well, I think this works like that as well, being part of the trading experience of someone else, and then having the chance to replicate it on your own, works similarly.

With this new-found confidence, I started to:

  • Invest more
  • Develop better criteria to make decisions
  • React faster
  • Make faster interpretations of indicators

Little by little I was becoming better, this started to be second nature, and that takes me to the next point.

Join the exclusive Night Owl Signals trade room, and see how the top experts in binary trading do each trade and listen to them tell you exactly why they made it, giving you countless lessons!

Becoming independent


With some of the other trade rooms, I noticed a scheme that I found a complete scam and that was a huge reason of why I left.

Remember I mentioned they were not so transparent? Well, some people, in order to prolong your subscription period with them, they withhold information, to keep people around.

They profit out of manipulating the ignorance of some. So, if you, like me, like to develop confidence before investing more, you better beware of such websites, they are aware of the confidence problem that many of us have, and they completely profit out of this.

However, Night Owl Signals is preparing you to be independent. The more you see, the more you learn, openly, without withholding information.

As you start applying this knowledge on your own, you learn more and more, and then you don’t really need them anymore, and you are free to go and continue learning and improving.

I mean, part of why we look for ways like this to make money online, is because we value independence and the power of choice. If a website keeps pushing for keeping me there, I will never recommend it.

My own game


After some months, I decided to start trading in a more serious manner. Little by little I became better, started making money, and becoming more natural with the processes.

Now, I am handling my own money and making it grow steadily. Basically, I keep earning money, while maintaining a business, and it’s just amazing.

This is all on my own.

From time to time, I go back to Night Owl Signals, I buy single sessions and get some new pointers, or the memory refreshed.

It is great to have all this knowledge and confidence, but then pride can be fatal when investing. So, I rather go back to freshen up a little, get new insights, and go back to my game.

Try to be the best at your game

After witnessing how the guys at Night Owl Signals traded, listening to their insights, and having my questions answered, I was left with the only option of getting out there and do my own thing. And I was successful.

I am not saying that trade rooms are your ultimate fix, but it is a great addition to whatever learning process you are following, or even if you are already doing great but are looking to freshen up in points of view.

Constant development is key for growth in whatever we are doing. I highly recommend trade rooms and especially Night Owl Signals.

Is this for you?

People learn differently and are motivated to learn by different reasons, as a teacher, I am certain of this.

If you, like me, are more of a visual or dynamic learner, that means that you need to do things yourself in order for you to learn, then it is.

The opportunity we have to be part of a trading experience run by young experts that create a participative environment and answer all your questions, is incredible.

Having the chance to gain reassurance, explore new ways of reacting to the environment and the trading world on your own, gives you an advantage over many people who are just starting.

There are many ways to improve on trading. There are endless ways that will take you to the next level. If you haven’t tried trade rooms, or have but don’t fully click with them, this one offers more than just a trade event.

Why did I try it?

touch- tablet in hands

As I mentioned, I was looking for answers and comparing different trade rooms. One thing that got me was the fact that they had a money back policy, where other trade rooms, buy a session and that’s it.

Anyway, this policy was a big incentive. I read some other reviews and found that my experience was similar to that of others, which means they are consistent with what they deliver. This, for me, is extremely important.

And I stayed because they delivered, they know what they are talking about, and their intelligence and skill to communicate their analysis is just worth the time.

I keep coming back because the insights and transactions have proven to be highly beneficial for my trading, and the way I take decision.

Because my questions get answered fast and I with knowledge that I can easily transport to the real world.

Final thoughts


Trading is an exciting, profitable way to make money from home. It is very satisfactory to see how fast one can make money if only we pay attention to the right details and react at the right time.

There are many ways how one can learn and improve on trading. For me, trade rooms were an amazing solution. Where trade rooms are not superior than books, if you don’t trade yourself, or see others trading, the knowledge of the books is just empty theory.

Seeing a group of intelligent people making money, landing on their feet, being open on their wins and losses, explaining the flow of every action, the why behind every decision, inspired me to keep going and improve.

Starting out as a conservative investor, now I dare take higher risks, and make more money. It is not always winning, that is for sure, but the knowledge I have obtained so far by being exposed to Night Owl Signals sessions, both sessions, has opened my eyes to a new way of improving, making more profits, and keep growing on trading.

Go out there, do your research, read the reviews, whatever gives you peace of mind, but don’t waste time. Start from today, and improve for the rest of your life.

Gain your exclusive access to the Night Owl Signals by clicking here, and learn how to make the winning binary trades that get you money today!


• They have 60 day money back guarantee policy that will help you trade online without risking your money subscribing to them. You will get all of it back if this does not work for you.

• The people who run the Night Owl sessions are friendly and experts at what they do which is sort of like working with friends who know so much more collectively than you so that you grow too.

• This is one of the few trade rooms that have been proven to work and not have any scam scandals whatsoever. That way, you will join knowing that you are really going to benefit greatly.

• This trade room called night owl will prepare you to become independent. You will not be with them forever unless you want to but you can learn and once you know that you can get the profits on your own, you fly off.

• With this one, you will be getting the whole package with a onetime payment that you can get back if it does not work or you.


• With this one, you will have to take the baby steps without skipping any of them but that’s the beauty of it so, a little of both pro and con.

Summary: When you look at Night Owl Signals, you see a committed group that wants to get you to the end of this impressive course that will make sure you go independent with the correct skills and the best chances of succeeding which is what most people are looking for.

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This provides learning and mentorship opportunities which leads to reduced errors and guesswork.

on 2019-06-06 00:40:05

The only requirements it needs that the PC or Mac should be connected to the internet during trading times. This is so as that when trades take place they can be duplicated on the users trading account as well.

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Now am trading better

on 2019-02-13 06:00:46

I can say that this is my best trading experience ever. And that is because this is product that offers the best methods. Very good program am able to make some good cash.

Richard Quarles
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on 2018-11-21 13:31:56

This system will suit any client that desires to make real money. If you are a fan of your budget, this is the right destination. You get to earn money without the stress of wasting your car fuel on endless traffic jams.

Darryl Elizondo
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on 2018-11-15 12:56:18

“Night Owl Signals” they are a biweekly service specializing in trading no more then 5 pairs with their own set of indicators and templates that they teach their members how to use on their own.

Russell L.
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on 2017-09-24 07:58:45

Relax if you have this product for you are about to make money from forex in a very easy way. All you need to know is that this is the kind of program that all forex traders need ASAP. I would not think that there is something better than this.

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