Fibo Machine Pro Review: Is Set and Forget Forex Trading Possible?

Fibo Machine Pro Review: Is Set and Forget Forex Trading Possible?

Fibo Machine Pro
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The big question, right? Long story short: YES! But now, let me tell you why.

If you read through history books, you will notice that each time humans discover a new process for obtaining something beneficial, we do something amazing called: AUTOMATIZING

We find a way to create a machine, or hire someone, that will obtain that desired resource for us, so we can move on with our lives and dedicate our time to other things.

In my case, I had always wanted to be a certified translator. I love languages, translating is fun, and it pays well, but preparation takes time and costs a lot of money. So I started looking around for options that could afford me my new career.

Yes, Fibo, was that for me.

Fibo Machine Pro

Choose your tools right

Once, I think it was Sebastian Marshall, or Tim Ferris, saying that “If it is popular, most likely it’s not good”. Just look at popular art. Not to say it is all bad, but, most of it is purposely done to meet the needs of most people on a shallow level.

This is what I did when I started looking for tools that could help me with Forex trade:

  • Google: Forex Trading App
  • Buy Forex apps
  • Buy Forex trading books
  • Bother all my Forex trading savvy friends

Eventually, I was left with two choices:

  • Become a master Forex trader
  • Trust some software

I am a busy person, I work a lot, and I wanted to make money to work a lot. So, time was a resource that I needed to take care of. Becoming a master trader would have taken years. Years that I would have invested in my dream of translations and interpreting. So I went the other way.

So, there is me, surrounded by hundreds of reviews, thousands of software to buy, and lost. But, you have to start somewhere, right? After trying 3 different tools for 4 months each, I decided to stop.

Forex Trade Graph Chart

Stumbling with Fibo Machine

While doing my research, I read some reviews for Fibo Machine. I have, to be honest, when I read “Fibonacci”, my mind immediately went to Davinci’s code and I was out!

However, because the reviews were so raving, and I felt like I have nothing left to lose, I decided to give it a go.

Before going on, I have to be honest. It is not that the other apps were useless, or not worth the money. Every time I got my money back and a little more. It was just that:

  • One had great algorithms, but horrible notifications.
  • The other was more balanced, but it would run slow on my PC.
  • The others were too complicated for me to follow

2 of them displayed too much information. At some point, I started thinking that maybe they do that to look pro, but they were just confusing to me.

Anyway, I read some more reviews and decided to buy the Fibo Machine.

Installing and running this little thing was fast, and on my PC and phone works perfectly. The interface is clean and easy to read.

Yes, there are your normal indicators, and you can see how things flow and change, but it’s not complex borderline with genius. It’s clean and easy to use. Second milestone!

Fibo Machine does its predictions and gives you 3 possible outcomes:

  • Safe
  • Medium
  • Aggressive

Basically, when you decide to enter, or exit, and how big will your profits be. Period. You choose!

The lovely thing this is. There is not a single way to go imposed, you are not forced to follow only one course of action, and its predictions are, almost always, accurate.

Now, there is a price to pay with automatization, you will not make as much money as if you clearly know how to read the indicators and trends, but…. You will always make money, and so, it works.

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The alerts

FOREX 5 on the virtual screen

Another cool thing about Fibo Machine is its alerts. You can set them up to get them directly to your email, desktop, and other devices. Then, you can easily make a decision following its predictions and make a profit.

Or, you can use the Informer. A tool that is included with this software, and it basically works like a widget that displays the behavior of your currency pairs, so then you can have instant access to the trends and predictions and make faster choices.

Information on point

Karl Dittman, the creator of the Fibo Machine Pro, created an algorithm that follows trends and then releases 3 predictions. Now, we are all aware that in trading, there is always a measure of uncertainty. One can’t be trading expecting to always hit home.

However, as I mentioned earlier in this review, the predictions display 3 levels of risk, and so making a profit becomes easier.

It all depends on the amount you want to invest and how to calculate your profits. As with everything in trading, your choices determine your earnings. However, this amazing piece of software makes it easier to make bigger profits.

Especially with its notifications system. This discreet system delivered to basically whichever electronic device you have and your email inbox. Making it easier for you to have access to the forecasts and take decisions faster.

How is Fibo Machine Pro different?

  • Doesn’t take much space
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy to read
  • Gives YOU the power of choice
  • Doesn’t limit you to 1 option
  • No wishful thinking, only math
  • Useful notifications, no spam

Much can be said of other apps similar to Fibo, but in this review, I want to make emphasis in the power of choice and why it is important.

With the other apps, I found that their predictions, although good, limited my choices, or just gave me too many and it was confusing, it would take a lot of time and sometimes I would have to make some research to figure out if I was doing well or not.

What I found more appealing after some days of using this software, is that I can go as conservative, or high risk, as I want, without losing sight of my objective: Making money to pay for my dream career.

And, of course, the part of things being automatized. Saving me a lot of time and effort in research, etc. So, not only the power of choice with my investments but also the power of choice with my time becomes an amazing gain.

businessman looking at financial data

What convinced to buy it?

After investing so much time in other apps, I learned to distinguish the things I like and I don’t like in my trading software, those I mentioned above. Fibo was a balanced alternative, and I found that great!

Also, the price is not as high as other more sophisticated tools, but it is NOT cheap. I, personally, don’t trust cheap things. Cheap is cheap! I am not putting my money in the hands of people that don’t value theirs. You can get your investment back in some weeks.

It also allows me to do other things, and study, focus on my certifications as a translator and make it work for me. Again, I am not making tens of thousands a month, I am more on the conservative approach to trading, so, low risk, lower gains. But it provides enough for me to keep going.

The time-saving aspect is a charm as well.

And, the money back policy. It’s been more than 4 months but I never felt the need to use it. The creators have gone through trial and error and have found great algorithms to facilitate Forex trading.

works on his laptop

Is this for you?

Do you….

  • Enjoy the rush of high-risk trading?
  • Love knowing the by yourself the up and downs of the market?
  • Live for making predictions yourself?
  • Look for the adrenaline of the process?
  • Want to make thousands a month?

Then, no. You are a trader by heart, and while Fibo can help you detect some trends and behaviors to further improve yours. It removes all of the above factors.

But if you…

  • Want to keep a steady, not so high, passive income
  • Want to invest time in other things
  • Are more of a beginner in Forex trading

Then, yes, go for it. This tool will make life easier for you and your goals. As I progressed, I was able to afford my Spanish course and my French course, with their corresponding certifications, and now I have obtained my certification as a translator and interpreter. This software helped me get there.

I am sure that, if I had been braver, I could have made so much more money, but, I wasn’t. Maybe you will.

Final thoughts

Businessman and the choice 'sell' or 'buy'

We all have different reasons for getting into trading, but there is one that we all have in common: Make money.

Karl, the creator, after his years of experience, and trials and errors, came up with an amazing tool that allows us, mortals, to relate faster, without much of a learning curve, to Forex trading in pairs and make money.

As I mentioned before, I have been more on the conservative side of trading. However, as I have become more confident, and my main goals in my professional life are coming true, also with support from the money I generated by trading with Fibo, I think I am confident enough now to aim higher.


Click Here To Get Fibo Machine Pro Today, And You’ll Be Able To Create True, Profitable, Set And Forget Forex Trading Systems In Days Or Even Hours!


Easy to set up
0 learning curve
Set and forget
No need for previous experience
Levels of risk


Not so thrilling
You set the pairs

Summary: Amazing FX trading robot that makes set, and forget, possible.

RatingRated 4.82 stars

Rated 4.82 stars
4.82 / 5 (11 )


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