Penny Stock Prophet Review: What Makes A Penny Stock Skyrocket?

Penny Stock Prophet Review: What Makes A Penny Stock Skyrocket?

Penny Stock Prophet
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What exactly are penny stocks?

Penny or cent stocks are common stocks of usually small companies. As the name suggests, they trade them at very low price. Stocks are basically a form of economic resource. Their value determines the stock market, a place that actually never sleeps. The name varies from country to country. For example, in the UK they are called penny shares.

The name varies from country to country. For example, in the UK they are called penny shares. However, despite the fact that they trade at a very low price that doesn’t mean you can’t a lot of money trading penny stocks.

A prophet indeed

As the title of this post suggests, today’s review is about the Penny Stock Prophet and a man behind it, James Connelly.

He dropped out of college when he was 19 years old. According to him, college was just too easy for him. He needed something more challenging, something different. And that is when he decided to go into the stock business.

But he looked at the stock market in a very unconventional way. Specifically, he looked at it as a big puzzle. The thing is, whenever you at things as puzzles, it means they can be solved. all you need is a system.

He started as any other trader starts, learning the basics of financial training, scooping through financial reports, studying charts. While he was still at college, he became obsessed with the stock market. He started skipping classes, spending most of his time researching and learning about the stock market.

As his knowledge about the stock market grew, so did his profit. Connelly eventually discovered some patterns, pieces of the puzzle he wanted to solve.

A system within a system

James figured out a way how Psychological Support Level (PSL) affects stocks. According to him, PSL can be a catalyst in finding breakout stocks. It’s no secret that human behavior plays a huge role in stock prices. The current state of the market is often determined by behavioral states of mind, like fear or greed.

This is the reason why he got the prophet nickname. He wanted to know how human behavior affects stocks. Specifically, he tried to develop a technique which will allow him to discover which undervalued stocks will skyrocket before they skyrocket. Quite the ambitious plan, right?

He thought that PSL was the key to his strategy, a strategy that will allow him to increase his gains.

Applying psychometrics on trading stocks

Psychometrics is a study interested in techniques of psychological measurement. Statisticians and mathematicians use this technique to predict human behavior on a large scale. And they use it for various reasons, like predicting population growth or whether crime rate will rise or fall.

Note that this is a technique that fortune tellers use. Key aspects of this method are reliability and validity. It is about consistency and observing developed patterns on a large scale. For example, you go to work every day at the same time.

Maybe on your way to work you stop for coffee. And on your way home, you stop in the local supermarket to buy groceries. As a result of your actions, you develop a pattern. But you are not the only one because thousands of people do the exact thing every day.

Connely began testing his theory. At first, he didn’t have much success. But after months of trials, errors and a lot of tweaking, he perfected his strategy.

So what is Penny Stock Prophet?

Earn money with Penny Stock Prophet

This strategy, when used, can predict gains 24, sometimes even 48 hours before gains.

After he perfected the strategy, James experienced an overall 28% gain on 11 trades. And that was just a beginning. For most people, this would be enough. Think about it. You developed a strategy that can bring increase the percentage of your trades.

But he decided to apply his strategy on micro cap stocks. And his earnings literally skyrocketed.

Most people don’t believe that there is money to be made on penny stocks. With Penny Stock Prophet, you can make 45% on each stock. And within 48 hours. Now imagine if you apply this strategy on a large scale.

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How to go from bottom to the top

James is opening up his newsletter to all the new subscribers who are willing to take action and change their lives for good. There is no success if you don’t take action.

Together with Penny Stock Prophet, you will be able to achieve a Millionaire status. A lot of people praise this product in their reviews. Most of them actually made a lot of money using strategy.

But it is a long road to climb. You will be provided with the right tools and strategy, but you will be the one making your own success. So what is included in this offer?

  • 4 key variables that are the backbone of this winning strategy
  • step by step guide on how to utilize this strategy
  • weekly alerts and updates containing detailed information for next winning stock
  • the reasons why you should pick those winning stocks

What if I don’t know anything about trading stocks?

Quick guide for beginners

The guide has every information you need to start your own successful career. You will learn how to setup your trading account, deposit funds, and how to trade using Penny Stock Prophet strategy.

Personal assistance

He is not trading bot, but a real person! Does he guarantee that you will make money on every stock he picks? Of course not. You will have direct access to him. That way if you have any questions, you will be able to ask James or one of his trusted colleagues.

Isn’t this the worst time to invest money in penny stocks?

Despite the fact, the market is in the continuous 5 years long bull market, it is still in the recovery stage.

When the stock market crashed in 2008, every stock in the market was sold for at the drastically low price. The investors who had money and courage bought those stocks and earned outrages amounts of money.

At the same time, the market was facing corrections and wise investor welcome market correction with their open hands. Corrections are implemented to prevent panic on the stock market because when panic starts, the market can easily crash.

This is when even the biggest investors start to participate in penny stocks trading. Specifically, when big indexes are corrected, investors start to pull some of that money and start investing in penny stocks.

Why should I invest in penny stocks?

Penny stocks belong to micro cap sector. Unlike large cap stocks, penny stocks are much more independent of the overall market atmosphere. Because of the size of large cap market, its correction can last for a long time.

So, huge investors with fat wallets start investing in penny stocks, and that means more liquidity, more cash flow in the micro cap market. More liquidity means bigger gains for anyone who is participating in penny stocks market.

Many traders agree that this might be the best time to invest in penny stocks because the gains will be historical.

Of course, trading stocks is not for everyone. A lot of people can’t handle the pressure, the anticipation and the risk involved in the stock market trading. But there are a lot of people who prove in their reviews that even though he knew nothing about trading stocks, they managed to quickly learn everything they needed to get the money ball rolling!

8 week 100% money back guarantee

If you purchase this product with your credit card you will be allowed to use this system and trade with hand picked stocks for 8 weeks. And if you don’t make a profit during those 8 weeks, you will get your money back.

The thing is, this product is for those people who want to make money; plain and simple. Now there are various ways to make money, and trading stocks are just one of those ways.

Penny Stock Prophet is an alternative to your everyday lifestyle. From our young age, we learn that proper education is the best way to success, but that’s not the truth. Maybe education is the safest bet. Okay, I can admit that.

Furthermore, we need to forget that 8 hours a day, 7 days a week work mentality. And it’s not about how much you work, it’s about how effective is that work. Personally, I don’t think that humans should work that hard for a miserable salary. And then you hear people saying “it will get better eventually”, or they blame the economy, government, and what not.

Don’t blame, act!

You need to realize that there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be rich. All you have to do is take advantage of this 100% riskless offer. Give it a try, learn something new and different and start trading stocks immediately. The time for waiting and planning is over. Act!

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100% money guarantee
Strategy is proven to work
Free trial
Personal assistance and support
Guides for everyone interest in stock trading


Small amount of risk is involved (strategy will not work every time)
Not for everyone (only for those willing to take action)

Summary: Penny Stock Prophet is a strategy developed by James Connelly. His strategy is based on years of research and experimentations with Psychological Support Level and psychometrics and how they affect the penny stock market.

RatingRated 4.75 stars

Rated 4.75 stars
4.75 / 5 (4 )


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The Penny Stock Prophet is for anyone interested in trading penny stocks.
It’s particularly well suited for those new to penny stock trading as well as those that want expert guidance.

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The larger part of us search for approaches to end up plainly wealthier and one approach to accomplish this is by trading penny stocks.

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