Crypto-Currency Evolution Review: Catch The Trend Before Most Do?

Crypto-Currency Evolution Review: Catch The Trend Before Most Do?

Crypto Currency Evolution
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Every one of us needs and craves financial freedom. How do you gain financial freedom? How do you decide what to invest in and what to leave out?  Which products have the best reviews in terms of giving you the highest return on your investment?

Crypto-currency refers to an asset that is designed to work as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure transactions that create additional units and verifies the transfer of assets. These currencies are now classified as subsets of digital currencies.

Does this sound like Greek to you? Well, don’t worry, we shall explain to you a few things that you need to know, and look at the different types of cryptocurrencies that are available.

  • Blockchain – this is a system that allows the creation of a ledger of all transactions online.
  • Blocks – these are pages in a ledger or files where data is stored, and cannot be altered forever.
  • Mining – This refers to discovering blocks and solving them within a blockchain. When a block is solved, a reward is given known as a mining reward.
  • Node – this is a computer connected to the mining network.
  • P2P – this refers to Peer to peer and it is a link or connection to a blockchain.
  • POW – This refers to Proof of Work. It removes spam emails and prevents attacks. It is very costly and can be verified simply by a third party.
  • POS – This refers to Proof of stake and it is simply a way of proving that the money belongs to you or ownership to a specific amount of work.
  • Signature – This is a mathematical operation that proves ownership to a specific wallet or coin.

There are very many terminologies being use in cryptocurrency world. These are just a few of the most common terms.

A few examples of cryptocurrencies that are commonly traded and can be used for investment are:

1. Bitcoin (BTC); this was the first ever digital currency. It was invented by an unknown person or group of people in 2009. They are created through a process known as mining and can be exchanged for other currencies, products or services.


Bitcoin has many advantages compared to the other crypto-currencies and this has been led by its effective network and proven security.  Others include:

  • Accessibility: It has more exchanges, merchants and hardware/software support systems that are always available.
  • Its ecosystem is the largest and has more software and implementations
  • It is more liquid than all the other currencies
  • Its security is proven.

Currently, the bitcoin is worth $14,428.10.

2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH); Do not confuse Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. BCH is a part of Bitcoin that broke away and became an individual currency.

Bitcoin cash is now worth $2,755.59

3. Litecoin (LTC); 2011. Following the bitcoin. And if bitcoin is gold, then this is the silver. No central authority is controlling the flow. In fact, the base network is open-source. Scrypt is the software it uses as a proof of work and although it has similarities with bitcoin, it has a high rate of block generation. It also offers a faster transaction confirmation.

Litecoin’s current value is $250.20.

4. Ethereum (ETH); this was launched in 2015. It is a platform for decentralized software enabling smart contracts and distributed applications to be built and run without any downtime, control, interference, and fraud from a 3rd party.

The current value is at $1404.34.

5. Zcash (ZEC); this was launched in late 2016. And looks very promising. It offers selective transparency and privacy in all its transactions. It allows encryption of transactions and it uses an advanced cryptographic technique or construction of zero-knowledge proof known as zk-SNARK developed by its team.

Zcash currently value is $719.49.

6. Dash (DASH); known as Dark coin, providing more secrecy as compared to bitcoin. Also offers anonymity and works on a decentralized master code network which makes transactions untraceable. It was launched in 2014. Gaining a large following within a short period of time.

The current value is at $1108.61.

7. Ripple (XRP); this is real-time. It offers a global settlement network that allows certain, low-cost and instant international payments. Instantly settle cross-border payments by banks using end-to-end transparency and at a very low cost.

It is trading currently at $2.01.

8. Monero (XMR); this currency is private, secure and completely untraceable. It was launched in 2014. And immediately spiking among the cryptography community and the enthusiasts. It is a donation-based and community-driven


Its current value is $426.79.

9. IOTA (MIOTA); machine-to-machine economy. It offers zero-fee transactions. No limit to transactions per second. Just mine. Generations of tokens is so easy.  It reduces centralization, complexity and excessive energy use.

One IOTA costs $4.08.

10. Peercoin (PPC); This uses less energy and it is environmentally sustainable. Its designers say it has 1% inflation rate.

Current value is $9.07


This is just a very small sample of the cryptocurrencies available for investment today. There are over 1,384 Crypto-currencies available on the internet as of January 7, 2018. The choices as you can see are many and varied. Create a  new cryptocurrency at any time!

Bitcoin is the trendsetter; it leads the pack in terms of user base, popularity and market capitalization. Other coins are however coming up. It is important to understand them as well, and before deciding which one to invest in always acquire the important information ahead.

It is why we recommend you buy the Crypto-currency evolution e-book, for a beginners guide to all things cryptocurrency and to help you understand where to begin.

Bitcoin Daily Transaction Growth

The cryptocurrency market is booming, and there has never been a better time to be an investor. No more shares and bonds, but get the most from your investment if you decide to invest in Crypto-currencies.

This is however not easy.  There are too many scams out there and if you want to invest in an area you haven’t ventured in to before, information is power.  You need to equip yourself with the right information to understand what you are investing in, and how the returns shall come back to you.

You have to be smart.  Know how to spot investments which are fake and outrightly bad. I know you have a relative or friend or colleague or acquaintance with unfortunate experiences before. No information was readily available back then. No knowledge about venturing into this field of investment. In some sad cases, they lost all their money.

Now, we have some good news, and fortunately for you! The Click Bank Company presents you with an e-book which has excellent reviews. Use this to read all about Cryptocurrencies. Start and invest at once!

Why you need to invest in the Crypto-currency Evolution e-Book.

Crypto Currencies Icons

The book tells you why you should invest in Crypto-currency and how you should invest. This is excellent information. The price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed and this would be an excellent time to invest.

This may seem like a manual on how to become a millionaire quick, but in reality, it is a 31-page book on how cryptocurrency works. And how it has revolutionized the world today. It is basic information on buying, selling, and management of your portfolio.

It is an easy to read e-book that will teach you the following;

  • Cryptocurrency Mining: What is cryptocurrency mining? How does cryptocurrency mining work? And which coins other than bitcoins can you mine?
  • Cloud contracts and Mining pools; what are cloud contracts? What are mining pools?
  • Initial Coin offerings; the e-book will tell you which coins are receiving the triple returns or the highest returns currently.
  • Buy and hold; In the book, you shall find information on which are the best coins to buy and hold on to them and for how long you should hold.
  • Management of trading accounts: Learn how the professional traders are making % returns from the small traders in the market.
  • Security; this tells you how to keep information about your trading a secret, free from hackers.

Basically, this is a beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency and how you can invest in this great market.


The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly. Join this investment opportunity! Equip yourself well with the right information so as to make maximum returns on your investment.

Most of the information in the Crypto-currency evolution e-book will give you an excellent, reliable guide on how to invest wisely, where to begin, when to sell and how to manage your investment.

You will be getting value for your money if you invest in this great book with excellent reviews.

Figure out everything there is to know about cryptocurrency – click this link to get started with Crypto Currency Evolution right now! 


Excellent, easy to read book 
Reasonably priced


Cost may be high

Summary: Most of the information in the Crypto-currency evolution e-book will give you an excellent, reliable guide on how to invest wisely, where to begin, when to sell and how to manage your investment.

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Rachel Wilkinson
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on 2018-05-16 15:27:51

Crypto World Evolution app sound attractive, but it also makes it sound very bogus at the same time. The reason we say this is because we are never told how any of these bots work. There is no mention of any coherent trading .

Allen M
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on 2018-02-04 07:19:51

Crypto-currency evolution is not only a perfect guide for beginners but also gives secret tips to experienced investors. If you are seeking for great advice to invest your money wisely, this will really work wonders!

Allen M
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on 2018-02-04 07:16:33

Crypto-currency evolution is not only a perfect guide for beginners but also gives secret tips to experienced investors. If you are seeking for great advice to invest your m


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